Slingshot, LLC

The Parsons Group

The Parsons Group owns boutique-size retirement communities in various markets.  Using CIRCA 46’s templated website architecture – that is the result of analyzing dozens of senior living websites – an individualized website was economically created for each community, while maintaining a consistent look across the entire chain.  Each site has messaging created to present the community as different and better than its local competitors.

Parsons House–Austin Website

CIRCA 46 capitalizes on Parsons House–Austin’s boutique size – a potential handicap – by demonstrating how Parsons House residents know each other by name and enjoy each other’s presence.

Parsons House Austin Website

Parsons House–Preston Hollow Website

CIRCA 46 turns Parsons House Preston Hollow’s small size into a benefit by featuring its smaller size as a means to deliver on its promise to “maximize today’s potential for each resident.”

Parsons House Preston Hollow